Mane Arteche, Graphic, Accessories & Clothe Designer.
Chilean , now living in Hamburg.
Loves to travel!
In one of this trips through India, starts to make her own business.
All MONZOON bags are designed by the owner, Mane Arteche , and produced in collaboration with Leather Artisans of a Familiar Factory in New Delhi, India. MONZOON follows Fair Trade policies of work, paying a good and fair price for the production, and providing fix and constant work to a Familiar Artisan Workshop in India. Together, leather accessories are created, that are usefull for people and souls that like to move around, that like to dance, to travel. Utility Belts, Belly Bags, Fanny Packs, Hip Bags, Carry all bags. Ideal for festivals, travel, parties.
The clothe is a new project where Mane, designs Unique Clothing for Unique People.
Enjoy Monzoon